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Short Story submitted by Blogger Sandeep Shabd (Metro Detroit) Sent to Space I saw a dream that I wanted to go to moon. But the main problem was how I can go there.  So, I went searching for NASA. NASA had an idea. The scientists gathered around me as an object of experiment. They checked […]

14th February

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(Valentine’s Day Poem – Guest Post by Michigan Indian Community Blogger Sandeep Shabd) (translated version follows the Hindi Version) प्यार का मुखोटा पेहने लो आ गया फिर से १४ फेब्रुअरी पूछ रहा मुझसे बताओ क़ब तुम एक से दो होगे यूँ तो रोज ही होता है प्यार करने का दिन मोहब्बत जताने का , ‘तुमसे […]

A New Year Resolution

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(Guest Post by Michigan Indian Community Blogger Sandeep Shabd) After a few days, there will be a New Year; A fresh start, new resolutions and new benchmarks. This is a contemplating week, Before the time gives new life to the calendar. What got missed and by how much, Again an era of failed resolutions passed […]