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Minesh Baxi a well known publisher and movtivational speaker from our Michigan Indian community has recently published a book titled “You Will Overcome”. The book “You will Overcome” is a collection of 52 inspirational entrepreneurial stories. Most of the stories in this book are from Michigan. One such story is of  Mida Giragosian.  Mida shares parts of her inspirational story where she recounts the days when she was diagnosed with Lupus (1986) which changed her life forever. She was in and out of the hospital for 4 years which caused tremendous despair in her and which ended up breaking her marriage and even drove her to commit suicide. Lupus had attacked her kidneys, which caused her to start dialysis, three times per week. In spite  of all the challenges Mida faced she is a huge success story. Mida discusses tips to happiness in this book. Some  of her tips to happiness are

  • Always Dress up as if you are going to a party
  • If you have to cry, do it and get it over with
  • Write things down that make you happy

Note: Minesh Baxi has also published – Stop Hiring Losers, Network Your Way To $100,000 And Beyond and 30 Day Total Business Makeover.

Darshana Menon who studied here in Michigan (now living in Pennsylvania) is a very…very accomplished singer. She won the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa USA (2008) singing competion. Ever since, she has been performing live shows all over US. Recently, she did some playback recording for a Hindi Movie to be released this year and she is also working on an album set to release in 2011. Now she is enlisting with Pennsylvania Army National Guard. Her journey starts on June 1st, 2010. So why the switch?. This is what she said to me.

Growing up, my mom always encouraged us to excel at whatever we do. I still apply that in everything I pursue. But I am the kind of person that needs to be doing a lot of different things at once to do well at all of them. So, while my career in the music industry is still very much at the forefront, I wanted to step back a little so I can gain a better perspective. When I was younger, I fantasized about being in the military, but gave up on it as I got older. However, I started looking into it again last year and the idea grew stronger until I finally decided to enlist in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard. I am very grateful to my mom for all her support and encouragement in this matter.

Darshana leaves on June 1st starting a journey towards her newest adventure. She says she is terrified because she is not physically strong, but is sincerely hoping that her mental strength and desire to excel will help her sail through military bootcamp.

She will be at Ft. Leonard Wood (MO) for Basic Combat Training (for approx. 10 weeks) … and then she leaves for Ft. Sam Houston (TX) for Advanced Individual Training (AIT). Her chosen MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) is Healthcare Specialist, and she will return from all this rigorous training on or around Dec. 6th, 2010. Once she is back, her commitment to the Armed Forces is limited to 39 days a year unless she is chosen for deployment.

Darshana will still be singing at shows,  and finishing up recording for the album and shooting music videos, etc., once she gets back.

Congratulations Darshana!! May all your dreams come true.

Darshana has a Facebook Fan Page where you can leave messages/communicate with her and wish her the Best!!

BollyFit Creator, Anuja Rajendra, accomplished dancer and innovative “choreographer for the masses”, will lead couples and friends through an evening of fun and carefree Bollywood-style dancing. No prior dance experience is required.

The event – “May I…Have this Dance?” Couples Night Event will be held on Saturday, June 12, 2010 from 7.00 pm – 10.00 pm at Mind Body & Spirit Academe, Dakota Building, 1785 West Stadium Blvd (South of Pauline), Ann Arbor, MI 48103. The cost for this event is $70 per couple which includes dancing led by Anuja Rajendra, magical memento scarf, hearty hors d’oeuvres.

Proceeds from this event will be donated to Ann Arbor Active Against ALS (www.a2a3.org), a local not-for-profit organization that supports finding a cure for ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease).

Contact Anuja Rajendra at (734) 657-6680 or email info@BollyFit.com for more details.

This is great news. Six Indian Americans are in the race for US House of Representatives. According to Express Buzz, so far there has been just 2 Indian Americans who have made it to US House of Representatives. The 1st one was Dalip Singh Saund in the 1950′s and recently Bobby Jindal from Lousiana.

The six Indian Americans who are getting ready for the November elections are:

  • Raj Goyle, a two term State lawmaker from Kansas
  • Ami Bera, a physician from California
  • Surya Yalamanchili, a former Procter&Gamble marketing executive from Ohio
  • Manan Trivedi (35), a physician and Iraq War veteran from Pennsylvania who pulled off an upset defeating 60-year old Dough Pike, a former editorial writer with the Philadelphia Inquirer. Trivedi won by a margin of just 672 seats
  • Ravi Sangisetty, a Princeton University alumnus and attorney based in Louisiana
  • Reshma Saujani, a New Yorker

(via Express Buzz)

Michigan Indian Community member Anand Pappuri, owner of Spark Building Energy Solutions is organizing a FREE seminar on Energy Audit and Incentives. This Seminar will be held on Saturday May 22nd from 10.30 AM – 11.30 AM at 32401 8 Mile Road, Livonia, MI 48152.

Anand Pappuri who is a Certified Energy Auditor will be the featured speaker at this seminar where you will learn about:

  • Energy audit
  • Utility Rebates
  • New Home construction rebates
  • Energy Star homes and HERS ratings
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Federal Tax Credits
  • Energy Efficient Mortgages for energy improvements
  • Solar power and incentives

For more details call 734-335-0430 or visit Sparks Building Energy Solutions website.

Miss Michigan Rima Fakih of Dearborn, MI won the the Miss USA title held today at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, Las Vegas. Rima Fakih becomes the first Miss USA who is Arab American. She becomes the second Michigander to win Miss USA. Back in 1990, Carole Anne-Marie Gist became the first African American to win Miss USA. Congratulations Rima. This is awesome!!

Last evening I had the privilege to attend “Splendor of the East” event with my family at the Ford Community and Performance Center in Dearborn, MI. This event was organized by Council of Asian Pacific Americans

Mumtaz Haque the artistic director for this event did a awesome job. This show far exceeded my expectation.

The theme of the show this year was

“Tales of the Enchanted Lands – Myths & Legends” – mesmerizing passage of myths, legends, fairytales and folklore, woven into a seamless presentation.

The show started with “Children Storytelling” narrated by Mumtaz Haque which blended into the next act which was a picturesque illusion of a child’s imagination when all the characters come alive while the story unfolds. The story then presents dances from Japan, China, Korea, Phillipines, Ireland and India.

The dances from India were awesome. The Indian Dances were presented by Nartan Dance Company and choreographed by Raksha Dave.

Salute to Lauren B. Browne who is bicycling across United States to raise scholarship funds for kids in India. Lauren departed San Luis Obispo, CA on April 26th, 2010 and plans on arriving in Washington D.C. on India’s Independence Day – August 15th, 2010. Lauren, along the way is offering to present programs to interested churches and organizations as part of his efforts to raise funds for poor village children so they can attend schools in India. Lauren’s fund raising efforts will help disadvantaged children in remote indian villages to get quality education.

Lauren’s fund raising bicycle ride across United States will take him thru Ann Arbor, MI. If you are interested to know when Lauren will be in Ann Arbor, check his real time location on Google Maps. You can also contact him at SLOBiker1@bfki.us.

The talented Shreelina Ghosh, from Michigan State University will perform Odissi, the two thousand year old classical dance of India at Ann Arbor District Library on May 19th, 2010. The event is from 7.00 to 8.30 pm.

The event location is: 343 S. Fifth Ave, Ann Arbor. Call 734-327-4200 for more details.

Shreelina will begin with a discussion of the Legend of the Temple Dancers and Introduction to Odissi and then explain and demonstrate several dances. The event will conclude with an audience Q & A session.

Odissi, one of the eight Indian classical dances, was born in the temples of Orissa, in east India. This esoteric ritualistic art was performed as an offering to the temple deity Lord Jagannath. Shreelina’s attempt is to showcase the traditional Odissi repertoire in its purest form.

Check your refrigerator!! Do you have Romaine Lettuce packaged under the brand “Freshway” and “Imperial Sysco”, then get rid of it because it might contain E. coli. The recall pertains to these products, with a “use by” date of May 12 or earlier.

An E. coli outbreak linked to tainted lettuce has sickened at least 19 people in Ohio, New York and Michigan, including students on three college campuses which includes University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

(via Reuters)