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Hello Dear Readers. After a long gap have decided to become active in blogging which will interest members of Michigan Indian Community, but before I do that I have decided to move this blog to community.mibazaar.com. Henceforth all future posts will be written/posted at community.mibazaar.com (Sharing News, Events and Blog Posts from our Detroit and […]

Guest Post by Community Member Sunil Varia My Journey into App Programming: I was a Windows man through and through. Windows Desktop, Windows laptop. Windows at work, Windows at home. When ever I used to go to Somerset mall, I used to pass by Apple Store, stroll inside and smile at the people inside as […]

Short Story submitted by Blogger Sandeep Shabd (Metro Detroit) Sent to Space I saw a dream that I wanted to go to moon. But the main problem was how I can go there.  So, I went searching for NASA. NASA had an idea. The scientists gathered around me as an object of experiment. They checked […]

Guest Post by my nephew Tim Ajmani (Pensacola, Florida) And then there were four… The NFL Divisional Playoffs completed last weekend, leaving four teams left. I was terrible on my picks. I underestimated the 49ers, Patriots, and Giants. The 49ers game against the Saints will probably go down as the best game of the season, […]

Guest post by Aarti Batavia Mehta from Metro Detroit Oil -1 Tbsp Ginger (crushed) – 1 Tbsp Garlic (crushed) – 2 cloves Sesame seeds – 1Tbsp Peanuts – ¼ cup Watercress leaves (cleaned de-stemmed and chopped) -4-5 cups Purple cabbage (chopped) – 3 cups Mung bean sprouts – 1 cup Vinegar – 1 ½ tsp […]

Guest Post by Manasa Nadig from Metro Detroit. Manasa is a Tax Consultant and can be reached at msogal@gmail.com for Tax filing, preparation and other questions. You can also follow her on Twitter for current tax news. Last weekend, we took down Christmas lights and cleaned out the decorations inside the house. Another annual routine […]

Cross posted from eIndiaPulse.com Guest Post by Namaste Detroit (Blogger from Metro Detroit) I came to United states 12 years ago. I remember the thought going through my mind when I laid my eyes for first time watching football. It was something like, ” Kya ghatiya game hai yeh ? Why are Americans crazy about […]

This article was contributed by Shikha Sood, dentist at Sood Family Dental in Shelby Township Michigan. She can be reached at soodshikha@soodfamilydental.com or at 586-207-1471. My best job ever was my first job out of school. I worked for this elderly gentleman who ended up retiring and selling his practice. I witnessed the chaos and […]

Guest Post by Sheuli Mundle (Blogger/Poet from Metro Detroit) Thank you for all the Joys and Laughter that has left us a smile … For all the tears and sadness that has made us stronger…. Through it our Endurance mightier The trials and challenges ..to appreciate small mercies To see it as a learning curve…. […]

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Guest Post by Anuja Rajendra – CEO of Bollyfit Whether she is staying fit with BollyFit classes, enjoying fun moments with her sweet elementary school-age daughters, or illuminating her college students with English Literature, BollyFit student and guide Holly Poppink radiates a BollyFit when in doubt just shake it attitude. This week, Holly bridged her […]