Guest Post by Community Member Sunil Varia

My Journey into App Programming:

I was a Windows man through and through. Windows Desktop, Windows laptop. Windows at work, Windows at home. When ever I used to go to Somerset mall, I used to pass by Apple Store, stroll inside and smile at the people inside as I could not fathom their world. I felt like I was on different Planet. It felt odd trying Mac in the store. Mouse with one button felt weird.

My first Apple product was iPhone in 2007. I felt in love with it the day Steve Jobs announced it. I was in line at Somerset mall on the first day to purchase one. Fast forward today and iPhones are everywhere. Like me, millions of fellow Indians are using Apple Products: iPhones, iPads and IPods.

Every now and then I used to search for Apps related to Bollywood. All I used to get was apps that stream Bollywood Music. I always craved for Puzzles and Trivia apps based on Bollywood movies. The games that we played when we were young using pen and paper. Guessing movies,Actors… It was so much fun.

I waited for few years in hopes of finding such apps and still situation did not change. So I thought of making one for myself. I am glad to say that my app is in the AppStore and is named “BollyQuiz“. This is the app that I wanted to make for myself and for people who love and obsess with Bollywood Trivia.

I am not the only one who has great ideas and find that the games that they enjoyed in childhood are still not in AppStore.

So if someone wants to be creative and make their own app, what does it take ?
(1) If you don’t have, you will need a Mac. Either Macbook Air OR iMac. Cost $1000.
(2) Xcode: This is the name of application that you will need to code. It is FREE. ( Download it from Mac App Store)
(3) Books: There is lot of free help on internet but I bought books worth $300. Stanford has free video lessons on iTunes.
(4) Lots of Tea/Coffee and Time to learn and code.
(5) Once your App is ready, you pay $99 to apple and upload it to their App Store and Voila!!!!, Your app will be in front of 400 million users instantly. ( Apple is selling ~350,000 iPhones and ~200,000 iPads every day. )

Sunil Varia

“BollyQuiz” app is available in AppStore for 99 cents. ( )