Short Story submitted by Blogger Sandeep Shabd (Metro Detroit)

Sent to Space

I saw a dream that I wanted to go to moon. But the main problem was how I can go there.  So, I went searching for NASA.

NASA had an idea. The scientists gathered around me as an object of experiment. They checked whether I am healthy enough for travelling to changing atmospheric pressure. They said air gets thinner as you go up and up. I looked at the sky and thought these scientists are crazy. If air gets thinner, clouds should be on earth. Clouds are dense. God knows how these scientists got recruited in NASA.

Anyhow, they said I am fit and fine. They made me sit on their bladeless helicopter and sent me to their rocket center.


After an air filled journey, I reached the rocket center.  They showed me a rocket that was about to take off. I said ‘Yeah Baby!! Take me to the moon.’  Soon, a group of astronaut (pronounced ass-trot-not) in their big bulky jacket , gathered around me and then tied me to the rocket using a long rope.  They took out matchsticks and put fire on the tail of the rocket and the rocket took off.


At some point, rocket reached outer space. The fuel in rocket got over. They had filled the tank only half-full as they said fuel imports from mid-east has become costlier. Please try to use fuel as less as possible.  They had even handed me a pamphlet to read about solar energy while I was traveling towards moon.  As a result, I was left hanging somewhere in space. It was icy cold there.  Here in the unknown co-ordinate position, it’s more icy condition than Detroit and this time too, I forgot my jacket.  I felt that I am  freezing and so I woke up to realize my room heater is off.